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Jon Thompson has been teaching Torah and Torah obedience for over eighteen years. Twelve of those years, he taught at a congregation in Oregon. When he moved to St. George, Utah five years ago, he discovered there were no messianic congregations here in southern Utah. He has been wrestling with Adonai for five years about finding or establishing fellowship with others who are also seeking the truth from the Scriptures unfettered by unbiblical traditions and interpretations. Three years ago, he and Al Milligan met; Al was a guest teaching at a local Christian church. Three years later, the two of them actually got to know each other and Jon found Al to be an honest and virtuous truth-seeker.

It seems Elohim was preparing and seasoning the two of them. Now, June 2017, is the time to start a messianic fellowship, the first one in St. George as far as the group can determine. Jon believes there are people in the southern Utah area who are hungry to hear the truth contained in the Scriptures, and when they hear about the St. George Messianic Fellowship, they will come to listen out of curiosity. Once they feel the Spirit and beauty of hearing the word of God rather than the emptiness of hearing about the word of God, Jon thinks they will realize they have found the meat of the gospel they have been craving and starving for. Jon teaches what Yeshua (Jesus) taught instead of teaching about what Yeshua taught. He thinks if we really follow Yeshua in the manner that “Come follow me” meant in Yeshua’s time and place, and teach what He taught, people will respond; some positively, some negatively, just as they did to Yeshua when He taught. Jon invites you to come and hear the words of Our Father as they were given to Moses, the Prophets, the Writers, and later taught by Yeshua our Messiah.

Originally born in Florida, Al Milligan believes that Christians should not only focus on spiritual health, but physical health as well, so that believers are equipped to carry out the work Elohim prepared in advance for us to do. Al is an experienced Health Coach with more than seven years of experience regarding health and wellness, his passion and ministry are shared with his wife, Angel. Al has been striving to have a healthy-eating lifestyle for the past 30+ years, though he did not begin to focus on nor teach about biblical dietary guidelines until three years ago, when he adopted a vegetarian, and later vegan, eating lifestyle. As a Torah-obedient follower of Yeshua (Christ Jesus), he believes that it is important for Christians to eat and live healthy lives because the Torah instructs us to and because it is the only way we can serve and minister to others the way Yeshua wants us to. Al teaches the entire Bible through clear and understandable hermeneutical interpretations through the use of Holy Bible as its own commentary. His approach to homiletics is a continuous effort to improve his skills at communicating the Torah (five books of Moses), Nevi'im (Prophets), Ketuvim (Writings), and the Brit Hahadashah (New Testament). Al’s approach is to follow Biblical Hebraic roots from Genesis through Revelation. Not just studying but also living a Biblical Hebraic lifestyle. Al does not add or take away from El’s (God’s) Word. Al is a part of Israel and believes he is responsible to follow the instructions in the Bible. Yeshua is accepted as his Messiah. He has decided to live his life as Yeshua taught it; a follower of Yeshua the Messiah. Al and Angel have been married for twenty-three (23) years. They have two young adult children Christian Ryan (19) and Hallie Briana (18).

Originally born in Florida, Christian Ryan (aka Ryan the Raptor Guy) has been interested in paleontology (particularly dinosaurs) since the tender age of seven. Ever since, he has continued to feed his love of the topic in additional study and research of it. He is especially interested in how paleontology relates to the creation-evolution controversy and believes the key on going back to the Bible as the ultimate authority in the realm of science is to show how scientific evidence makes much more sense in the light of the Bible rather than in secular ideas, like evolution and deep time. To help spread this message, Ryan has started a YouTube series called “PaleoMania”, which explains recent paleontological discoveries from a biblical perspective. His favorite dinosaurs? Velociraptor and Dakotaraptor.

Jon Thompson

Al Milligan

Christian Ryan

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