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Torah and New Testament Study

Each week we read and discuss a portion of the Torah and the New Testament in an open forum where all are welcome to share insights, offer helpful comments, and ask questions. Each of us have personal experiences with Elohim and we provide opportunity to share our testimonies of what Father is doing in our lives to support and encourage one another in building our faith in Yehovah Elohim. We find that Elohim gives us light and understanding as we study and discuss His word and we grow more in love with Him as we follow His commandments, judgments, and statutes and sharing our experiences helps us to grow greater in our love for each other.


Did you know that we're living in a golden age of paleontological discoveries? All of the world, scientists are revealing more about dinosaurs and other extinct animals than ever before. With all these new discoveries, it can become difficult to figure out how to interpret the evidence from a biblical perspective. Join us on YouTube for PaleoMania, where you will learn that every fossil has a story to tell.

Apologetics Ministries

Seminars: Could Noah have fit all the animals on the Ark? What really happened to the dinosaurs? Why do we find fossils buried all over the earth? Why are humans and apes so similar? Our seminars are designed to help you understand the world of science from a biblical perspective. When we see that the Bible can be trusted in all manners, including science, it builds confidence in the entire Bible, all the way from Genesis to Revelation.

Health & Wellness

Consultations (live or by phone): There are diseases commonly found in the United States but are rare or even nonexistent in populations centering their eating lifestyle around whole plant foods. Using the Word of Elohim we remind believers about their responsibility for good health. The most likely reason that saints will die is because of poor food choices. Our interaction with believers is to bring research to the subject of eating and living healthy. Goals and commitments are made to assist the body of Yeshua Messiah to achieve optimum health.

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